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Name: Kunshan Youlong Rubber Products Co., Ltd.
Contact: Xue Huiqiang
Cell phone:13914981221
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Talent is the primary productivity of an enterprise

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/8/21 15:08:40 Hits:252
  Highly-skilled talents are the primary productive force of enterprise development. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to learn technology and compare skills, so that employees can master the skills that they believe in. Recently, Kunshan Youlong Rubber and Plastic Products Co., Ltd. also responded to employees in the company. Conduct training and drills.
  Kunshan Youlong Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has accumulated many years of experience and advanced technology, specializing in the production of anti-static PVC door curtains, anti-static PVC transparent curtains, transparent grid curtains, black grid curtains, anti-ultraviolet curtains, table mats, etc. Professional design and installation: folding door curtain, welding workbench dust cover, dust-free clean shed, simple clean room, workshop curtain partition, fast rolling door, etc.
  Kunshan Youlong Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has always been committed to the cultivation of talents, and believes that talents are the most important element of an enterprise. If an enterprise has no people, then the enterprise has nowhere to exist. If there are no people, the team has no cohesion, and there is no good hardware. Many tasks need to be completed by people, no matter how many difficulties, no matter how many problems need to be solved, no matter how many problems need to be solved, employees play an irreplaceable role in the production and development of enterprises. Their skills, The spirit penetrates into every field of the industry and directly affects the continuation and growth of the vitality of the enterprise.
   Kunshan Youlong Rubber Products Co., Ltd. pays attention to the training and management of talents. First of all, employees will be provided with a good living environment, and special attention will be paid to rest and meals. Employees’ birthdays will also be blessed, and they will often organize meals together. The most important point is that the company will organize some more active employees for training, job rotation, and on-the-job training will also greatly encourage the efforts of in-service employees.
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