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Tel:0512-57771133     Mobile:139-1498-1221
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Name: Kunshan Youlong Rubber Products Co., Ltd.
Contact: Xue Huiqiang
Cell phone:13914981221
Address: No. 2588, Huanqing Road, Yushan Town, Kunshan City

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The journey of Kunshan Youlong Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/8/21 15:10:21 Hits:262
  The development process of Kunshan Youlong Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is like a journey. During this journey, you will meet a lot of people, good people, bad people, some will make you grateful, some will keep you warm, and some will stay with you for life. Of course there will be some people who will hate you, some will make you sad, some will make you cry, a journey is like a wonderful movie, there will always be decent villains. But working life is not a movie. We are not a man or a woman in a movie. Others can influence you but cannot dominate you. Kunshan Youlong Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. depends on the direction of the journey. There is a heaven and a hell.
  Even if Kunshan Youlong’s transparent grid curtains are poor, no one will pity you and extend a helping hand. They will only ignore them and even ridicule them. If you want others to support Kunshan Youlong transparent grid curtain, you have to make yourself strong, otherwise you have no capital to ask for support from others.
Kunshan Youlong Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has accumulated many years of experience and advanced technology, specializing in the production of anti-static PVC door curtains, anti-static PVC transparent curtains, transparent grid curtains, black grid curtains, anti-ultraviolet curtains, table mats, etc. Professional design and installation: folding door curtain, welding workbench dust cover, dust-free clean shed, simple clean room, workshop curtain partition, fast rolling door, etc.
   Regardless of whether the road ahead is a storm or a sea of ??flames, it cannot stop the progress of Kunshan Youlong's transparent grid curtain. It will only move forward bravely and never stop. I believe that Kunshan Youlong transparent grid curtain will become more and more brilliant.
   Do not seek the first, only seek better, do not lag behind others, with the efforts of all employees, Kunshan Youlong transparent grid curtain will create brilliant and become the leader in the workplace. Our efforts are only to get the support and trust of more people, come on!
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